ABOUT US - St Augustines 2018

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At St Augustine's we believe that God has been good to us and we want to share that love and hospitality with our wider community. There are prayer, craft and interest groups associated with the church. There is also a ministry of visitation to those living in aged care homes who are unable to attend regularly.  
Our Parish today is made up of people who range in age from babies to lively adults over 100 years old. Many of our involved people have joined us quite recently, while others have worshipped here for most of their lives. The diversity of species within in our recently replanted front garden is a metaphor for this variety of lifestyles. The varying maintenance regime of the plants is symbolic of our individual needs.
We love to meet people and look forward to making you welcome. Whether you're visiting for the day, "trying us out" or deciding to stay for the long term - we invite you to worship and then stay for a "cuppa" and chat afterwards. Children are invited to be part of our Kids@Church programme.
There has been an Anglican Church in this district since 1897. The first was a small wooden Church which was built on the cnr, of Grafton and Guildford Roads, Bayswater, and served Maylands and Bayswater residents. In 1906 this Church was dismantled by volunteers and moved to Murray Street as the 'Village of Bayswater" was growing around the Railway Station.
In 1957 a new Church was built next door to the existing wooden Church which was dismantled in 1961. The present Church stands on the cnr of Roberts & Murray Streets. The stained glass window, WW1 Honour Board, Baptismal Font, GFS & MU Banners, Prayer Stool, Brassware and Church Bell (the first bell cast in WA) were then moved to the new Church. A Pipe Organ was later installed in memory of Mr. Warner, Church Warden for many years.

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